Origin of Power


Mav was eight when a Hellraiser attacked London, turning it into a city of islands. That day his power manifested, and he became a Titan.

Ten years later and the world is a different place. More Titans appear every year, ignoring the plights of ordinary people, using their power for their own gain. Tyrants rule the streets, enforcing their control through force, while the government struggles to keep its few remaining territories.

The Heroes Association was created to combat the threat, a division dedicating to protecting citizens from both Hellraisers and Tyrants.

But it wasn’t enough. The Heroes Association retreated to their safe zone leaving the rest of London to suffer through gang warfare and superpowered battles. Outnumbered and with no way to target them, Tyrants go unperturbed. The public live their life in fear of a Titan hidden amongst them, capable of ending their life in a heartbeat.

But some still resist… and Mav wants in.

About this project

I’ve been writing for five years and originally Origin of Power was just another novel I was working on. Over the course of its development I decided it was time for me to get some of my work out there, leading to this website.

I hope you enjoy Origin of Power.

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Release Schedule: Saturday 5PM GMT.

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